Times Square New York New Year


It's New Year's Eve tomorrow! We hope you all had a wonderful year in 2015 and made some awesome memories. Have you made any travel resolutions for 2016? To get you in the party spirit, today we thought we would take a look at some crazy New Year's Eve traditions from all over the world...


1. Romania

In Moldavia, Romania, the 'Dance of the Bear' is an ancient New Year tradition that dates back almost 2000 years. The bear is an iconic animal in Romania's forests, so this stunning masked dance is an incredible, and perhaps slightly obscure, celebration of culture! Tempted by a bit of fancy dress? Here are our villas in Romania.

Romania New Year Bear Costume Tradition



2. Scotland

Hogmanay is the Scottish word for the last day of the year and has now become widely recognised as the celebrations that take place on New Year's Eve in Scotland. Edinburgh Street Party is their most famous event and features one of the biggest firework displays in the world!

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Hogmanay Scotland New Year



3. Spain

At midnight in Spain, it is traditional to eat twelve grapes! 'The Twelve Grapes of Luck' is a tradition that began in 1895 and involves eating one grape on every chime of the clock, in order to encourage a year of prosperity. The most famous place to do this is in Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Spanish Grapes New Year Tradition



4. Italy

in 2008, Italy claimed the world record for the biggest ever 'Kiss-athon' in Venice, St Mark's Square. Around 70,000 people exchanged kisses at midnight on New Year's Eve! What else can you expect from the city of love?!

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Venice New Year



5. UK

In the United Kingdom, 'Cold Swimming' attracts people of all ages and from all different backgrounds. You might think people mad to plunge into the water below 10 degrees, but hundreds of people like to start the New Year with a physical challenge! 

UK New Year's Day Swim



6.  Latin America

Underwear is carefully selected in Latin America on New Year's Eve. If you wear red underwear, superstition has it that you are likely to find your soul mate! However, the colours vary for different countries... White underwear is worn in Puerto Rico for fertility and health, and in Columbia, yellow undergarments symbolise peace and happiness! What colour will you wear this year?!

Turkey New Year Red Underwear



7. Ecuador 

New Year's Eve in Ecuador is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. The burning of effigies is traditional, symbolising the forgetting of bad things that happened during the previous year. Want to be a part of the celebrations next year? We have apartments in Ecuador!

Ecuador New Year



8. Siberia

At Lake Baikal in Siberia, the tradition is planting trees underwater! Professional divers enter the lake through a hole in the ice whilst carrying a tree! At the Lena River, which is much more shallow, the divers actually plant them on the river bed. 

Siberia New Year



We wish you a healthy and Happy New Years! Have you got any resolutions? 

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