If you missed our smashing workshop 'Collaborating With Brands: Blogging, Blagging and Bagging your Dream Projects’ at BlogConLDN 2018 then don't panic, we've put it all in a handy little blog for you!

1: Know Your Market

Whoever you pitch to, remember you have to make it apparent how your audience and that of the brand can successfully merge. So, our example was if you came to a travel company like us and you’re primarily a food blogger, that’s fine, but make it clear what the collaboration might entail, perhaps a piece of content on the best vegetarian restaurants in Italy? We work with plenty of bloggers outside our niche and they all came to us with a clear idea on how our markets could overlap so don’t feel constrained by the theme of your blog, it’s all in the angle for us.

 So any questions? Oh, right…this isn’t the talk anymore…

2: Make It Clear Why The Brand Should Work With You

We know you’re all brilliant, but when there’s so much brilliance it can be hard to make the tough choices as to who to pick for projects. So, it’s your job to make sure we can’t miss your USP. Beat us about the head with it (figuratively) and don’t simply state that you want to work with us. We know that bit, what we really want to hear is about you and what makes you the kick-ass blogger you are. Pitching, as the name suggests, is about selling yourself so, sell, sell, sell!

3: Keep Your Blog Up To Date

You’re smart people, but even smart people can sometimes miss the wood for the trees. This is especially true with things like keeping your blogging business up to date, from social media stats to collaboration details, we’ve come across instances where people have failed to do this and it’s a shame, as after receiving your pitch and liking it, this is the very next thing we’ll look at. We’ll also check out your domain ranking but it’s worth pointing out now that this isn’t a make or break factor, while a DM of 50 and over is the standard, we’ve worked with plenty who have lower because their enthusiasm and work quality is top notch. So, keep up to date and don’t obsess over your domain ranking because we won’t.

4: Proofing!

We know, you’re all bright cookies and this seems like an obvious thing to say, but if we had a Hogwart's letter for every pitch that included grammatically incorrect sentences or wrongly spelt words, then the entire world would be graduating in magic. These things will hinder you in any walk of life, but if you’re a writer you can bet your boots it will smite you where you stand. Our advice? Get someone to look over it for you, we humans tend to read what we expect to see and a mistake we’d spot in someone else’s work can sit unnoticed in our own.

5: Personalisation

Ok, so we know that when you guys pitch, chances are you’re pitching your little hearts out to a vast number of brands, Of course, you are, and we get it, but we’re sad to admit that if your pitch reads like a generic copy and paste job, we might not look too much harder at your work. The problem is we don’t exist in a vacuum, in fact, brands as a whole have never been so out in the open, and every move we make is flaunted on social media and on our site. We know it takes more time, but one little line of personalisation goes a long way and at least hints that some research might have gone into the pitch. For example, one line from a blogger’s otherwise standard pitch recently said, “I enjoyed reading about Kirsty’s Clickstay experience”. One small line about something current is all we need to feel our interest peak a little, so please for the love of Benedict Cumberbatch (starting to sound obsessive here) personalise like a pro.

6: Engage

It seems obvious and yet sometimes bloggers appear out of the void, seemingly from nowhere, and with no prior engagement with us. Now, it’s not a sin to chat to us out of the blue but engaging with us on social (as Kirsty always has) is much more likely to gain our attention. We love what we do and it if you enjoy our content and show that, then your chances of being our lightbulb moment when collaboration time comes up is hugely improved. So, come on guys, let’s use social the way it was meant to be used!


Any questions or comments? Give us a shout over at social or email us at marketing@clickstay.com 

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