Toulouse, the capital city of France’s southern Occitanie region. It’s an enchanting place, full of blushing, rustic brickwork, calming canals, a bustling city centre and a tumultuous history dating back to the Roman era. It boasts of one of the biggest universities outside of Paris and is known as La Ville Rose (the pink city) because of its iconic brickwork. It’s also the centre of the European aerospace industry with the headquarters of the airbus and SPOT satellite system making their home in Toulouse. It’s a city oozing with an eclectic charm, and there’s a little something for everyone to fall in love with.  So, it makes sense why Marketing Assistant Leanne decided to take an impromptu trip to see all that it has to offer…

Villas in the South of France


Stepping into the southern French city and feeling the heat on your sun-starved skin was the first of many pleasant surprises and while you climatize to the laid-back attitude of the locals in Toulouse, it’s the perfect time to lazily wander around the vintage market in Brocante Saint Sernin. It’s the perfect place for those who enjoy casually browsing forgotten paintings, old crockery, rare cameras and general knick-knacks. You never know the kind of hidden gems you’ll find to take home and show your friends.

Market stalls in Toulouse

One of the many market stalls you could peruse 

Capitole de Toulouse:

Looming over the main square of Toulouse stands the majestic Capitole de Toulouse. A regal building with the French and European flags fluttering above the main entrance. Inside you’ll find a quiet courtyard, which leads onto two rooms covered in intricate artwork, some by the French Impressionist Henri Martin. The magnificent paintings cover every inch of the walls, the ceiling and line the stone staircase. It’s a brief glimpse into the artistic history of the pink city.

Capitole de Toulouse

Pont Neuf:

The Pint Neuf is an iconic, 16th century bridge, near the city centre. It’s perfect for a little relaxation on the river banks, you’ll find many of the locals relaxing on, laughing, singing, juggling and dancing on the river banks, a great place for some people watching and to experience the true laid back nature of Toulouse.

Pont Neuf

Jardin Japonais:

Japan may be on the other side of the world, but you can enjoy the serene beauty of a classic Japanese garden in the pink city. Toulouse is home to one of the most authentic oriental gardens in Europe. It’s based on the gardens in Kyoto and offers an exotic escape from the bustling city centre. You will find in the centre of the main gardens, on the Boulevard Lascrosses.

jardin japonais

A general stroll:

It can be nice to plan a day in Toulouse, but a day of gently strolling around with a camera, or just to take in the beauty of your surroundings. You can easily get lost wandering down quaint back alleys and stumbling across a romantic coffee house, which serve intricate cupcakes, or relax and let the warm sun revitalise you, next to a sleepy canal. You never know what you’ll stumble across when you get lost in the pink city.

A general stroll around Toulouse

One of the many sights you'll find on a stroll around the city.

Where is your favourite place in Toulouse

Villas in the South of France