Happy #Clickmas Day 7! Today we're sharing a traditional Italian Christmas recipe that was given to us by Laura, who works on the customer services team here at Clickstay. Laura's delicious Salame di Cioccolato, or 'Chocolate Salami' is perfect to enjoy as part of a Christmas buffet, or even with a cup of tea! It's really easy to make and doesn't involve the oven... what a relief! Here's her fantastic recipe...


Chocolate Salami


200g Rich tea biscuits

100g hazelnuts

150g Butter (unsalted)

150g Dark chocolate (I use 65% or 70%)

150g Caster sugar

2 Eggs

Icing sugar to finish

OPTIONAL: 30 ml (Two table spoons) Dark rum OR Baileys. I  love the recipe with Baileys! 



1. Break the chocolate bar into small pieces and put them into a glass bowl. Melt over a saucepan of simmering water until smooth, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon. Set the bowl aside and let the chocolate cool a little.

2. Put the biscuits into a large bowl and break them up  into crumbs. Finely chop of grind the hazelnuts and add them to the biscuit crumb. 

3. When the butter is at room temperature, work it with an electric whisk for few seconds and then begin adding the sugar and eggs. When combined, add the melted chocolate. If you have chosen to include rum or Bailey's in your recipe, add this now and whisk until combined. 

4. Pour the mixture into the bowl containing the biscuit crumbs and hazelnuts.

5. With a spoon, work the mixture until all the biscuit crumbs are completely coated with the chocolate mixture. The result should be a chocolate dough.

6. Take the dough and make the shape of a salami. Put the chocolate salami onto a layer of baking paper and then wrap it with it. When wrapping, make sure you apply some pressure to the chocolate salami to make it compact. Finally, seal the sides and put the chocolate salami in the fridge for at least 2 to 3 hours.

7. when you are ready to serve, remove the salami from the fridge, unwrap it and dust with icing sugar.

8. Enjoy!


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