Villa Turquesa, Murcia. Heated Pool, Ideal All Year Round Villa #66402

Cast your minds back to December 2017. The snow was falling, but we were already dreaming of sunnier days, so we offered you the chance to sort out your summer holiday with our 12 days of Clickmas competition. Meet our winner, Tony Greig. He's just got back from his week in the stunning Villa Turquesa near Murcia and tells us what he loved about his break.

Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Who did you end up going away with?

Yeah, it was fabulous thank you. I went with my two cousins and two of my friends. It's quite handy because where I live there’s Leeds and Bradford airport close by and they both fly to San Javier airport.  And once we were there it was only 20 mins from the villa too.

How lovely! That all sounds ideal too. So, how did you hear about the 12 days of Clickmas competition?

I read about the competition online as I was looking for somewhere to stay in the summer. I just wanted some time away with friends and I saw this competition and entered it. I don’t really enter very many competitions so I was really pleased to win. The villa was absolutely fabulous. Absolutely beautiful villa.

Ahh we’re so pleased you liked it – you picked a great time of year to go.

Yeah, definitely. And it wasn’t too busy either which was quite nice, not too many kids everywhere and stuff like that. All 5 of my mates have families, so it is nice to sort of just get away and have just a bit of lad time – not like 'lads, lads, lads' but you know. It's not that sort of place anyway, not a clubby kind of place. Quite a classy place. Plus, the service from Hugh and David was fabulous. David’s really nice, he’s the guy that’s on site and he gave us great information on where to go. The only downside of it is it is just a bit isolated, but it was great for golf and the weather was just fantastic.

Golf and lovely weather – what more could you ask for, hey? Is a villa holiday the sort of break you normally have?

Absolutely. No, not with blokes, not with my mates, but I’ve done villa breaks with my children but I’d do it again certainly.

What was your favourite thing about the villa itself?

The pool was brilliant. We could play volleyball and stuff like that in the pool, so it was ideal for a relaxing holiday really.

That’s wonderful to hear. And what was your favourite thing to do in the area?

It’s a bit of a way out of town. The taxi was about €55 to get to town. It’s not that busy of a place, it’s a bit of a way out. Murcia was half an hour away and the strip was about 30-40 mins away so its not really the sort of place you can go to if you want to go for nightline. We had a peaceful time. I mean the restaurant was fantastic there at the Clubhouse. We went into Murcia to eat but we didn’t find anything better than there, to be honest. Really good restaurant, good service, really good people and obviously good golf as well.

Who would you recommend the villa to? I.e families, older people etc

I’d recommend it to families with younger kids. I think if you had teenage kids I think they’d get a bit bored, to be honest, but in terms of young kids – brilliant. Also, groups of lads if you like your golf and also we played paddle tennis and it had a tennis court so it was good for that sort of thing. It had a gym too so got all the stuff they’d need. But like I said the pool was brilliant and we barbecued quite a lot. So yeah, it was all really nice and thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay there.

Like what you see? Villa Turquesa is the place to be. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for future Clickstay competitions.