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Dreaming of travel? It's all genetic

Wanderlust; it’s a term found on the glossy pages of travel magazines and heard amongst friends at the pub. It’s a word that defines the deep love we all share for exploring the world. But have you ever wondered why some always seem to be planning their next big adventure, while others prefer home comforts and familiar surroundings? Apparently, it’s all down to science. Researchers have found the desire to travel linked with a certain gene nicknamed the “wanderlust gene,” but known amongst Geneticists as DRD4-7R. The gene is a dopamine receptor, which means it helps to control the amount of dopamine that floods our brain, the chemical that makes our heart skip a beat and lifts our mood when you fall in love, eat some chocolate, exercise, or jet off on holiday. But, DRD4-7R is slightly different as this dopamine receptor increases people’s desire to take risks.

Dubai: a destination for families

Dubai is synonymous with glamour and riches, air-conditioned shopping centres, and luxury, modern buildings litter the city and when the sun goes down Dubai transforms itself into a neon utopia with a lively nightlife. It’s no wonder that holidaymakers flock here to enjoy a cosmopolitan break. However, Dubai’s tourism board recently announced that it will look towards diversifying the tourism industry, by developing the mid-price family market and setting up areas for people to explore the intricate traditions that make up Dubai.