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Dubai: a destination for families

Dubai is synonymous with glamour and riches, air-conditioned shopping centres, and luxury, modern buildings litter the city and when the sun goes down Dubai transforms itself into a neon utopia with a lively nightlife. It’s no wonder that holidaymakers flock here to enjoy a cosmopolitan break. However, Dubai’s tourism board recently announced that it will look towards diversifying the tourism industry, by developing the mid-price family market and setting up areas for people to explore the intricate traditions that make up Dubai.

A New Life for The Azure Window

A few months ago, people mourned the loss of the famous Maltese landmark; The Azure Window, after it collapsed one night because of a heavy storm. The devastating news hit headlines across the world in March. But the saying every cloud has a silver lining has never been more accurate, as divers are heading to Gozo, to scuba dive amongst the wreckage of the famous landmark.

5 ways to book a holiday online safely

Thousands of people book holidays online each year, and the vast majority of the time, this is a safe, cost-effective and hassle-free way of organising a trip. But if you are worried about doing it, rest assured that there are ways for you to ensure your booking is secure and legitimate, and we’ve compiled a check-list to put your mind at rest.