13 Reasons Sicily Should Be Your Next Great Escape

In recent years Sicily has seen a slight renaissance, restoring some of its best historic sites and museums, breathing fresh life into its cities without losing any of the charms and allures that have existed here for centuries. From its romantic cities to its ancient landmarks, this Mediterranean treasure is perfect for your next great escape. Here's why...

10 Things You Don't Know About Venice

The collage of magical canals that make up the Italian city of Venice are unlike anywhere else in the world. We cannot imagine a more blissful way to spend an afternoon than riding on a gondala with a glass of Venetian prosecco in hand. But what else is there to know about this unique city? Well, if there's one thing we know for sure, Venice is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities on the planet...

Interview: Ella from I Am Ella talks blogging, travel and her love for Italy!

We recently caught up with travel, fashion and beauty blogger Ella who lives by the motto that "There is no better gift in life than the gift of exploration, the hunger for adventure and understanding of the world". Having recently returned from a trip to Italy, we had the chance to quiz Ella on one of our favourite destinations and what makes it so special: