10 Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Italy

Got your eye on Italy? Join the club. Idyllic Italy is renowned for its natural beauty and plethora of cultural and historic landmarks. In fact, Italy boasts more world heritage sites than any other country in the world, making up 5% of UNESCO's global list alone. From world-class cities to epic mountains and volcanoes, we've scoured the length and breadth of Italy to bring you the 10 most beautiful Italian UNESCO sites. 

5 traditional Italian foods to satisfy your inner foodie

Vespas, the Vatican, a warm espresso there’s so much that comes to mind when someone mentions Italy, from its rustic beauty to a fascinating ancient history. But, there’s one part of the country we all know and love; the food. Italians pour so much passion, as well as freshly chosen ingredients into each dish, with food that has been perfected over generations. These are just a few of the mouthwatering Italian dishes you could be trying on your next adventure to Italy...

The masks of Venice: what are they and why do people wear them?

The masks of Venice are a centuries old tradition and have been worn throughout history. Today you will find people wearing them during the carnival di Venezia, an annual carnival ending with the celebration of Lent. Throughout this time the streets are filled with people draped in magnificent outfits, with matching gilded masks. If you’re lucky enough to see the festivities, then you’ll discover how the mix of extravagant ensembles and Venice’s romantic architecture, make you feel as though you have been transported back in time, when dignitaries threw decadent parties and hid behind the masks to partake in romantic encounters or criminal activities. But if you don’t make it to Venice for the carnival, the northern Italian city proudly display masks everywhere, hanging from market stalls and lining the windows of every shop. These masks are a delight and if you’re considering a trip to Venice and plan on astounding your friends with your very own Venetian mask, then you may want to know the differences between a volto and bauta mask, don’t worry we’re here to help.