9 Places In Italy You Must Visit At Least Once

When you tell someone you're travelling to Italy, the picture that often comes to mind is filled with colourful buildings, brilliant architectural triumphs and charming historical landmarks. The simple idea of Italy is filled with so much charisma, glamour and allure, whether you're contemplating brilliant city escapes like Venice and Florence, or luring coastal retreats like the Amalfi Coast or Sorrento. With so much beauty and pizzazz (and pizza) in one country, it's impossible to only visit once. So whether its your first, second or tenth visit endlessly appealing Italy, here are some places you simply MUST visit at least once...

8 Reasons Why You Wouldn't Want To Go To Florence

Florence is one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities ever built. Some of the world’s most celebrated art and architecture can be found here, including Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Peppered with spectacular piazzas, markets, riverside bars and mediaeval chapels, there's something enthralling around every corner. And just outside the city centre lies the rolling Tuscan countryside, where stunning villas have been planted amongst olive groves and vineyards. But, have we got news for you. Here are some things you may want to consider before booking your flights to Florence...

11 Things To Do In Malta

Sitting just just 80km south of Sicily, this small island in the Mediterranean Sea is not to be overlooked. With over 7000 years of history, Malta is a captivating destination and home to beautiful architecture, wonderful beaches and an ancient heritage that still fills it's cobbled streets today. With a perfect summer climate, there is no wonder why more and more people are flocking here every summer - here are 11 things you have to do when you visit!