Guest Posts

Guest Post: Visit the beautiful Vendée – the perfect family holiday region of France

The Vendée region of Pays De La Loire, South-West France was the last stop on our European Road trip. We’d had enough of the weather of Northern Spain by then, which was Cornish in manner, changeable and sometimes rainy. We wanted some sunshine to end our memories with, so we changed our plans for the last week and drove North, back through France, along the West Coast.

Eating your way around Thailand

Thai food is all the rage and each of us have snuggled down with a glass of wine and a delicious bowl of Thai green curry, or crunched on the delightful mix of citrus and spice in a pad Thai. But, Portia from Pip and the city is a huge fan of food from the exotic land of Thailand and she tells us some dishes she thinks you'll love.

Guest Post: Tara's Top Things to do in Ibiza

There are so many things to do and see. Whether you are on the lookout for beach hopping, clubbing, lovely restaurants, a mojito at the beach, a relaxing spa day, etc. Ibiza has it all - the charm and views of a little island, the clubs and restaurants of a huge city and the cosiness of a small village.

Guest Post: Family food and drink whilst travelling in France and Spain

When you’re travelling for any length of time with children, and you’re self-catering, food and drink become one of your primary holiday challenges. It can get expensive, and, let’s be honest, a little confusing. Having spent nearly a month in several different Spanish locations earlier this year, here are my tips for keeping sane in the supermarket, and rational in the restaurant...