Discover the charming delights of Porto

Portugal is home to some truly iconic images, the yellow trams in Lisbon and the domed roofs perched on top of majestic palaces in Sintra. But, these sights can all be found to the south and although it's a popular tourist destination, many often forget about the charming city of Porto in the north of Portugal. It's a hub of historical beauty, winding backstreets and medieval architecture, and a place brimming with colour, particularly on the old town skyline. Many travel from all over the world just to sip the sweet delights of Port, and as the originators, they've perfected the art of creating the spirit. These are just a few of the most bewitching sights in Porto.

Top 10 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Known as 'the pearl of the Indian Ocean', Sri Lanka is home to endless natural beauty and vibrant culture. Whilst it's vast allures are widely unknown to holiday-goers and sun-seekers, Sri Lanka is considered a paradise island by many. Whether you explore its wonderful natural landscape or inner cities, you're bound to be dazzled, charmed and enamoured by its bountiful offerings! Here are 10 reasons to stop what you're doing and visit Sri Lanka...

A trip to the beaches of Normandy

Every year people travel from all over the world to visit a six-mile long and two-mile wide stretch of beach, that potentially defined the world we live in. The Normandy beaches are a necessity for all those looking to understand everything there is to know about the Second World War. Ruth Cuevas author and creator of My Motorcycle Diaries, explains what it's like to visit the modern day beaches of Normandy.

Madeira: four years and still the best

Many consider it an honour to be nominated. But, this wasn’t good enough for the people of Madeira, who can proudly say they have won the best island destination four years in a row, at the annual World Travel Awards. Over the years, different countries walked away with various prizes in particular categories, but over the past four years Madeira won best island destination in the European category, and he other two years they proudly walked away with the best island in the world award.   “We offer so many different things in Madeira,” says Dr. Antonio de Freitas Jesus, the Regional Secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture for Madeira. “We are a country of mountains sea and culture, this is very important for us. We want to offer everyone a unique experience and everyone is involved in this goal. I believe when you get to Madeira you feel something different.”