Overbooking: why it happens and what you need to know

Airlines have been overbooking flights for many years, and it’s a subject that has taken centre stage over the last week after the disastrous United Airlines scenario. Many of us watched in shock at the grainy footage of the Doctor refusing to leave the overbooked flight and then dragged, bruised and bloody from the plane. Only to run back on moments later in a state of panic. We all asked ourselves the questions, how did this happen? And could it happen to me? Here’s a few facts about overbooking we hope will put your mind at rest and help you understand what it is and why it happens.

Montenegro: Everything you need to know

Tucked away in the Adriatic Sea lies a country of staggering beauty. Montenegro brags of soul-stirring mountains, awe-inspiring beaches and unforgettable architecture. It's a country synonymous with luxury and charm. But, if you take a glimpse behind the idyllic beauty, into Montenegro’s past, you’ll find a highly turbulent history. They’ve been under the rule of the Ancient Romans, the Ottomans and even socialist Yugoslavia, which means there’s plenty of outside influence on their culture. But, overtime they have calved out a culture that you’d be a fool not to visit and these are just a few things you should know to help on your next trip to Montenegro…

Top 5 pictures to inspire a trip to Antigua and Barbuda

There are two tiny Islands in the heart of the Caribbean virtually untouched by modern day tourism. Antigua and Barbuda may be separate islands, but both offer pure relaxation to anyone desperate to escape the dreary mornings trudging to work in a grey suit, or those tired of the unpredictable weather and crowded commutes. Exploring Antigua is a glimpse into a complex past, as many used the island as a tropical sanctuary, including Admiral Nelson. If your aim from a Caribbean holiday is to unwind on a blissful, sandy beach letting the sun warm your bones, Antigua is the perfect place. It boasts of a coastline, which looks as though it has been plucked from a post card, see for yourself the natural beauty of the Half Moon Bay or Dickenson Bay. Barbuda is one long strip of pink coast-line and the perfect place to indulge your inner bird spotter. The red breasted frigate bird outnumbers the locals and can be found gliding through the air, hunting food by day and at night they’re nestled in the cliffs for a good night’s sleep.

8 Hidden Gems in the Balearic Islands

Whilst the Balearic Islands are certainly hotspots for holiday goers, there is still plenty of hidden treasures of the beaten track to be enjoyed. Amongst a myriad of secret beaches, mouthwatering restaurants and bustling markets, here are some of our favourite Balearic gems...