Star Wars is coming to Disney World Orlando

Disney Orlando is steeped in nostalgic memories, every year around 53,000 people flock to the magical kingdom every day to meet their childhood heroes and create new memories with families. But if you’re a fan of Star Wars, then Disney World could soon be added to your bucket list, as plans for a new immersive Star Wars-themed land has been unveiled by Disney. Fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting the new film; Star Wars: The Last Jedi, released in cinemas in December. Now there is another reason to grab your Jedi robes and lightsaber and head to Disneyland, where visitors can expect to find immersive lands named Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. They will have the opportunity to wander around a remote trading port on the edge of wild space and feel as though they are part of the Star Wars story.

Choose your perfect Caribbean getaway

The Caribbean; a region that is home to more than 700 islands, islets and reefs, as well as a vast sea. They are synonymous with exotic and luxurious travel. Although these islands may be recognised as a sub region of North America, each has developed their own personality and culture, making the Caribbean the perfect getaway regardless of who you are, they have something for everyone. You could indulge your passion for photography, or you may want to make lifelong family memories with your children, or you might just want to lie back and forget your troubles on a beach, the Caribbean islands are the place to be. All you have to do is choose the right one for you. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list to help you decide where to go…

Top 10 pictures to make you dream of Switzerland

Switzerland may be known for its smooth chocolate and perfect skiing conditions, but there’s so much more to satisfy every sort of traveller, particularly those who enjoy outdoor endeavours like hiking, or mountain biking. But if you’re someone who likes to wander aimlessly through historic town centres, or discover new and interesting things around every corner Switzerland is the place for you. Still not convinced? Maybe these pictures will arouse that deep-seated wanderlust. It will inspire even the most frugal of travellers to throw caution to the wind and venture to the breath-taking delights of Switzerland. Don’t believe me?  Read on and see if you can stop yourself from dreaming of the dazzling delights Switzerland has to offer.

Top 5 places to visit in Aquitaine for every kind of traveller

Aquitaine; The home of fine wine, rolling waves, medieval castles and prehistoric caves. It’s the traditional region of France nestled in the South-West corner, next to the Atlantic Ocean. It proudly shares a border with Spain and it’s the place to go to discover one of the biggest and most varied regions in the whole of France. If you plan on taking a journey through its diverse landscape, starting at the foothills of the Massif Central and stretching all the way to the Spanish border you’ll soon discover an array of highly beautiful scenery and bustling cities. But even if you only have a short time to enjoy all that Aquitaine has to offer you’ll still discover a side to Metropolitan France you’ll instantly fall in love with. Here are just a few cities you could find yourself exploring on your next trip to Aquitaine…