Family Holidays

The answer to a happy family: go on holiday

The family dynamic is ever-changing. Family time used to mean an evening of snakes and ladders, Guess Who and Monopoly. But, since the rise of hand-held electronics, WIFI, Twitter and streaming services like Netflix, many of us have drifted away from the usual family bonding time. Not to mention many of us juggle our family with the stresses of a highly demanding job and the usual struggles of daily life.  So, in this day and age how do you enjoy time with your family? A world leading scientist from the Washington State University, Professor Jaak Panksepp, believes true family bonding occurs with family holidays.

Top 10 Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In The UK

Thinking of a beach holiday? You might want to head to Spain, Cyprus or Portugal... or simply to the coast of the UK. We're certainly not famous for our beaches, but we really should be. From the dazzling Durdle door in Dorset to the illustrious surf spots in Cornwall, here are some of the best in the UK that prove a staycation isn't such a bad idea...

8 reasons why Florida is the ideal family break

When we imagine going on holiday to Florida, many might think only of Walt Disney World and making family memories with Mickey Mouse and The Gang. But Florida is not just for the kids! Staying at one of our Florida villas gives you the perfect base from which to make the most of everything that this spectacular American state has to offer. Here are just a few highlights to put on your to-do list...