Limassol: The Underrated Holiday Destination 

Between wonderful Paphos and popular Ayia Napa, lovely Limassol rarely gets a look in. Which really grates our cheese, because Limassol is a brilliant city, the second largest one actually (not that size matters) and full of things to do and beautiful things to see...

Where To Stay In Southern Cyprus

Southern Cyprus is blessed with sun-kissed shores and beaches galore. There are some truly stunning seaside towns and cities peppered along this scalloped coastline, just waiting to be devoured... Get a head start with some of our very favourite places to stay in the region.

7 Things Greeks Do Best

The Greeks created the Olympics, gave birth to democracy and philosophy, and much of the English dictionary can be rooted back to the Greek language. They were at the start of many great things, but the world grew fast and they have been overtaken in the developments of finance, technology and the arts. However, there are definitely some things that the Greeks still do best...