How well do you know the world? Do you know the difference between the Roman Coliseum and St Peter’s Basilica? How about Notre Dame and Normandy? Well we want to put that knowledge to the test as we challenge you to #Guessthelocation. Below are ten images of famous landmarks, can you tell us which country each of them are in? Give us your answer by commenting below or get in touch with us on any of our social media sites and we will give you the answers on the 30th November. Good luck! 

1. A beautiful location in the north of one of the most popular countries in the world.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

2. Crystal clear waters,  hot sun and white walls where can you find this idyllic lake?

melissani cave

3. Every year backpackers flock here to purchase trinkets from this popular floating market.

Damneon Saduk floating market

4. In English this famous landmark is known as the Tower of Bethlehem, but do you know where it is?  

Tower of Bethlehem Portugal

5. You wouldn't expect to find a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral on this island, but it's definitely worth a visit.

La Seu Mallorca

6. A country that is no stranger to historical landmarks and romantic architecture, but do you know where it is?

Piazza del Nettuno

7. This lavish cemetery was designed by Ljudevit Gaj and created a reflection of 19th century “Town of the Dead”.

Mirogoj cemetery Croatia

8. This part of the USA is named after a famous part of Italy, can you guess it? 

Naples Florida

9. This landmark is famous for its wooden altarpiece carved by Veit Stoss

St Mary's Basilica Krakow

So let us know what country you think each landmark is in and don't forget that you can stay in villas, apartments and holiday homes in all the above locations.