BBC’s Watchdog rates us for our payment system!

  We’re over-the-moon. On Thursday 6th November, Villarenters was recommended on BBC’s Watchdog for our safe booking, communication and money transfer system. Check out the video clip below…  youtube watchdog newsletter “Whilst Owners Direct customers are made to communicate directly with the property owner – allowing fraudsters a chance to hijack customers – Airbnb and Villarenters , two of the other largest holiday home rental companies, handle correspondence between the two sides themselves, only giving out contact details once a transaction has been made, and those transactions are more protected too…” “Whilst Owners Direct recommend bank-to-bank transfer to the, possibly fraudulent, property owner - Airbnb, Holiday Lettings, and Villarenters, all take payments themselves before passing the money on”   You can trust us – we do all we possibly can to ensure that money is transferred safely from renter to ‘real-life’ owner. With our new villa owners, whom we may not have got to know yet, we hold the booking payment from them for 3 days into the booking in order to give the renter time to report any fraudulence and claim a refund, before we release any money.