8 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Santorini


Santorini is one of the most popular Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. After perusing through seemingly-idyllic blue and white photos online and in brochures, it is highly likely that the prospect of Santorini holidays will be cemented in your foreseeable plans, but STOP RIGHT THERE. Santorini may seem perfect, but it's about time someone told you the truth. So prepare yourself. Here are 8 reasons why you might never want to visit Santorini...


1.  The Scenic View

As a photographer, I enjoy my fair share of taking photos on holiday. Yes, I love a good sunset from time to time. Yes, I can appreciate an incredible view of a serene blue skies and white buildings sprawled across a canvas cliffside. But I have to say, this place is just TOO picture perfect, that you'll want to stop and take a photo every two seconds. And hey, they'll probably all look the same to you when you get home anyway... 


2. The Sunsets

Sunset, santorini, greece


Picture this. Spending your evening perched on a luxurious balcony, with a view over-looking a white-and-blue village, that has now absorbed the aura of the crimson sun as it sinks into the sea amongst a panalopy of stunning colour. Yeah, sounds pretty good doesn't it? Well, in fact, no. A sunset means nothing to me now. Wherever I go, no sunset will ever amount to what you can experience on this island. Thanks a lot Santorini. 


3. The Food and Drink

food, greece, greek, santorini


Greek culture is famous for it's traditional dishes, and they consider themselves to be experts when it comes to grilled meats, constantly working with fresh supply from their land and sea. That's all well and good, but how exactly are you supposed to choose from a menu that has such a wide variety of incredible dishes? For foodie's like myself, this only causes arguments (especially when your girlfriend goes to steal food from your plate...)


4. Endless Romance

home, romantic, greece

A typical rooftop balcony in Santorini

WARNING: If you take your partner here, prepare to be constantly pestered for boring moonlit walks through Oia, or to share a sunset that damn near blinds you from the comfort of your rooftop. Oh, and the weather is beautiful. So be prepared to log some serious hours on suncream duty - the worst!


5. There Are Too Many Things To Do

sea, underwater, nature, greece

Under The Sea in Santorini

You might be going to Santorini for a simple holiday in the sun. Alas, expect to find yourself being tricked into memorable adventures, such as snorkelling trips, volcano hikes and quad biking. It's all very boring, trust me. Just stay at home. You'll probably come back more exhausted then when you left. 


6.  It's Luxurious Homes

Santorini villas are always something special and it is certainly home to some of Clickstay's most luxurious and idyllic properties. So, prepare yourself for social media hate when all of your mates don't like your photos on Facebook and are constantly jealous of your picture uploads and status updates. Genuinely, you'll feel terrible.


7. The Welcoming Locals

local, greek, santorini

Our friend from Santorini

The locals on this small island care about their homes reputation and welcome tourists with open arms, which means that over the duration of your stay you're likely to build some unlikely relationships with Santorinis residence. Like Nikos here, who provided us with free 'pastourma' whenever we passed his shop. But let me tell you, goodbyes are never easy. Don't let these friendly menances into your hearts. I still miss Nikos and his free gifts everyday...


8 . You'll never want to go home. 

infinity pool in santorini


One big problem with this place, is that you lose all sense of time, responsibility and reality. But, the lifestyle in paradise gets very rudely pulled from under your feet on leaving day, and I can assure you, it's not pretty. Just don't risk it. 

What? You still want to go? Fine, if you insist then here are our villas in Santorini