8 Reasons Why Venice is the Ultimate City Break

Venicealso known as Italy's floating city is one of our absolute favourite destinations for a city break. If you haven't already visited - here are eight great reasons why you should!



1. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world

What's more romantic than drifting along the Grand Canal on a gondola being serenaded by your very own gondolier? Yes, it may be a little cheesy and a bit expensive but it's a once in a lifetime kind of experience and totally worth it!


2. You can try cicchetti

Cicchetti are small snacks or side dishes typically served in bars or cafes in Venice. Our favourites are the little slices of bread with salami and pickles on top and they’re the perfect accomplice to a nice glass of wine…or two.


3. Escape the hustle and bustle

Take a break from the traffic and road rage for a few days as Venice City has no roads or cars. Instead there are only small alleys, bridges and narrow paths…which brings us onto our next point…


4. You will get lost…

…but you will feel like the perfect explorer in doing so! Venice can sometimes feel like a maze so make sure you get a map…and maybe a compass to help you along the way. It’s all part of the fun right?

Venice signs rialto san marco



5. Venice is certainly a treat for the eyes

As well as the picture perfect views of the pink buildings above the green-blue water, you’re literally spoilt for choice with beautiful bridges, impressive architecture and galleries galore. Tip: go up to the second floor of St. Mark’s Basilica – not only will you be able to see the amazing bronze horses but there are lovely views over St Mark’s square and the waterfront.

Venice city sunset



6. You can get the best souvenirs

Recreate your own Carnival of Venice by taking home some lovely ornate Venetian masks – there are some good little mask shops in the narrow alleyways around St Mark’s Square. They can also look great as decorative pieces on your wall!


7. Gelato heaven! Need we say more?

You really can’t go to Venice and not try the gelato! Made with milk, sugar and flavourings such as hazelnut, lemon and chocolate fondant…its delicious and with all the walking around you’ll be doing – it’s practically guilt free.

Venice gellato



8. It’s well connected

With flights from London in just over two hours and bus transfers from Marco Polo airport only taking approximately thirty minutes to the city…you could be in Venice in time for dinner on a Friday night. You might even have time to squeeze in a cheeky bellini at the legendary Harry's Bar!


Has the idea of a romantic gondola trip or a feast of ciccetti and gelato tempted you to visit?