7 Top Destinations For A Weekend Away

A holiday home beside the Tuscan hills, with views of the city. A Barcelona apartment that leads straight down into it's lively streets. If you're after a last minute getaway to sunshine, full of culture, adventure and ceaseless fun, a city break is the way to go. Live amongst the beating heart of your favourite destinations, exploring food, culture, history and more. Can't decide? Here are our top 7 destinations for a weekend away...


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1. Venice, Italy from £83 per night

A city endlessly romanticised, Venice never loses its infectious charm and enchanting character. Expect a European city break like no other, full of brilliant food, romantic gondola rides and plenty more.

Gondolas in Venice



2. Athens, Greece from £26 per night

Full of parks, charming streets and the signature architecture, history and style that comes hand in hand with Greece, Athens is a wonderful escape with plenty to see and do.

Ruins in Athens, Greece


3. Barcelona, Spain from £112 per night

Studded with brilliant architectural triumphs, modern art and design and over ten diverse neighbourhoods to explore, it is almost as if Barcelona was designed to be the perfect getaway - it even has a beach!

Park Guell, Barcelona


4. Florence, Italy from £80 per night

If it is art and history that interests you, Florence is undoubtedly one of the greats. Whilst the likes of the Piazza del Duomo and Michelangelo's David receive most of the limelight, this is a city full of brilliant treasures to discover. 



5. Dubrovnik, Croatia from £35 per night

This wonderful walled city is one of the Croatia's most visited, and for good reason. With its brilliant old-town, artistocratic squares and capacity to enchant and dazzle, Dubrovnik is definitely not to be overlooked.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


6. Cornwall, England from £44 per night

England's coastal treasure is loved by locals and travellers alike. Along with its laid back surf culture and beach life, Cornwall's towns are romantically designed, with narrow walk-ways, endearing local shops and cafes, and endless natural beauty.

Beach in Cornwall


7. Lisbon, Portugal from £40 per night

Museums, landscapes, trams and art, Lisbon is a eccentric, vibrant and endlessly unpredictable city. As colourful as they come, this is a destination you will never get bored in. 

A yellow tram in Lisbon


They are all equally as enticing, we know. But if you can't decide, search here for villas and apartments worldwide and find the perfect holiday home for you.


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