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Fethiye is one of our most popular destinations here at Clickstay. However, we think it would be wise to book with caution! All those white sandy beaches and turquoise waters might look like paradise on the front cover of a holiday brochure, but we've got a few things to warn you about before you journey to these beautiful shores in Turkey. So, think twice about going on holiday to Fethiye if... 


1. You're afraid of heights...

Ölüdeniz is one of the most renowned places in the world to go paragliding. Majestic Babadag Mountain, which towers high above Oludeniz beach, creates some incredible thermals that provide ideal flying conditions - that result in INCREDIBLE views! It's a truly unforgettable experience... if you can conquer your fear of heights! Want to stay close by? See our villas in Ölüdeniz here...

Fethiye Turkey Holiday Villas Clickstay



2. You don't like butterflies...

Butterfly Valley in Fethiye is home to some of the most diverse butterfly species in the world, amounting to around 147 in total! The valley is situated at the foothill of Babadağ and has been nominated for preservation as a world heritage site. It's also a very picturesque and untouched area to explore on foot, as a trail in the valley leads to two waterfalls dropping from 60m!

Fethiye Turkey Holiday Villas Clickstay



3. You love the city life...

Did you know that there is a restriction on high-rise buildings being built in parts of Turkey? Fethiye is one of the most untouched regions of the country, which is what gives it its reputation as such a beautiful area to visit. Koycegiz Village and Lake Koycegiz are highlights, notably for their preservation of the natural landscape and traditional Turkish culture. 

Fethiye Turkey Holiday Villas Clickstay



4. You are afraid of Ghosts...

The ghost town of Kayaköy waits patiently for it's visitors in deathly silence, sheltered by on one side of a steep hill. It's population in 1900 was about 2,000, all Greek Christians, however it now lies abandoned. Parts of the town have been restored as a museum, however much of it lies abandoned. We think it's called a ghost town for a reason....

On the other hand, if ghostly happenings are up your street, then Fethiye's ancient history is for you. You can also visit Pinara Antique City, as well as the Lycian rock tombs dating back to 400 BC and the Tlos Ruins.

Fethiye Turkey Holiday Villas Clickstay



5. You don't like getting muddy...

The infamous Dalyan mud baths is a tourist favourite, but definitely not somewhere to visit if you don't like getting our hands dirty! However, we think we just might be able to tempt you in... Ancient legend has it that you will come out of the baths looking 10 years younger! We're convinced! 

Fethiye Turkey Holiday Villas Clickstay



6. You're not one to appreciate stunning scenery...

Fethiye really is the jewel of Turkey's landscape. It's natural harbour is perhaps the region's finest, tucked away in the southern reaches of a broad bay and scattered with pretty islands. In particular Şövalye Adası, which is so beautiful that it earned its place in a blockbuster and can be glimpsed briefly in the James Bond film Skyfall!

Fethiye Turkey Holiday Villas Clickstay



7. ...or sunsets!

Çalış Beach is renowned across the world for it's spectacular sunsets, that throw incredible burnt-orange rays across the bay. Here, you're guaranteed a truly magical evening. For front row seats, why not check out our villas and apartments in Calis.

Fethiye Turkey Holiday Villas Clickstay



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