6 Reasons for a Friends Holiday to Spain

It’s that time of year again when you and your friends are trying (and failing) to agree on a holiday destination for this summer. You want to visit Spain, but your friends aren’t so sure… well don’t worry because we’ve put together the ultimate list to help you convince them to choose a villa in Spain.

Dance the night away...

One of the many things that Spain is good for is the buzzing nightlife. From Ibiza to Malaga to Marbella to Barcelona, wherever you want to go, with a colossal range on bars and clubs, as well as ones that are open until the morning, you and your friends can party until the sun comes up… and then party a little bit more.

Spain at Night


Explore the beaches...

Glorious golden beaches and stunning sparkling shores, the Mediterranean Sea does not disappoint. With miles of beaches, you can spend your days hiking the coastal cliffs, exploring the concealed coves or swimming in the splendid sea. And if you're looking for more of an adventure, Spain has a huge range of thrilling water sports, great for groups of friends. 

Spanish beach


Live in style...

Spain has a huge variety on villas and rentals, whether you’re looking for something authentic or a touch of tranquil, Clickstay offers villas with private pools and scenic views. So you can lounge around the pool all day, bake in the Mediterranean heat or recover from that lobster sunburn in the shade.

Villa Fluxa


Taste Spanish cuisine...

Whether you’re wanting paella, croquettes or gazpacho, Spain has got you covered with such a magnificent assortment of Spanish cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  And if you really can’t make up your mind on what to eat, you can always go for tapas and try a little something of everything. Oh and don’t forget about Spanish olives… need we say more?!

Spanish Cuisine


Drink Spanish wine...

Rioja, Toro and of course, SANGRIA, Spain is not short on the selection of wines. And honestly, we can’t think of a better way to spend the day then relaxing in the Spanish sun, downing the bottles of wine…

Wine tasting


Shop at the Spanish markets...

And finally if you’re wanting food, clothing or just a bit of souvenir shopping, the Spanish markets are filled with just about everything from handmade jewellery to fresh local specialities, they’ve got it all!

Spanish market


Reckon you could convince them to book a villa in Spain