5 Reasons to Book a Villa Rather Than a Hotel

Always stay in hotels when you go on holiday? You should book a villa for your next holiday - you'll never look back - and here's why...


1.You get that ‘home away from home’ feeling

Hotels can be a bit cold and characterless, but staying in someone else’s home makes you feel instantly at ease and you can experience all the creature comforts of being in your own home.

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2. Culture

If you’re wanting an authentic travel experience then renting a local’s home is the best way of achieving this. A lot of our owners are on-hand for the entirety of your stay and act as awesome travel guides, telling you all about hidden gems and the best local restaurants in the area, which the average tourist wouldn't hear about.

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3. More space and privacy

One of the best things about villa holidays is the amount of chill-out space for you and your family. Hotel rooms don’t offer a lot of space so the tendency is to treat them like a base, and spend most of your holiday out and about, which is not always the most relaxing way to spend a holiday. A lot of our properties come with private pools and gardens so that you and your family can act as goofy as you like and not worry about others watching.

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4. Save money

You’ll have your own kitchen so you can cook most nights and save money by not eating out in restaurants; getting the family fed can often be the most expensive part of a holiday. Once you've broken down the price of the booking into a ‘per person per night’ figure, even the most luxurious of our villas look like a bargain! You get a lot more for your money!

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5. More amenities

Hotels don’t really give you a lot… you might have a mini fridge, and Wi-Fi, which you probably have to pay for. With a villa, you usually get a TV and DVD player, a washing machine, a kitchen, private parking, a dishwasher, a BBQ, a private pool and maybe even a beautiful view.

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