Choosing the perfect location for your holiday with the kids in Spain can be challenging. Get it right, and you will have a blissful trip full of activity, adventure and relaxation. Get it wrong, and, well…you may come back more stressed than when you left! To save us all the hassle of endless anxiety-driven research, the kind people of the Federación Española de Familias Numerosas (FEFN) have devised an award which is only given to the very best locations for family fun; the ‘sello de turismo familiar’ (loosely translated as the ‘family tourism seal’).

To be eligible for the award, the destination must have family-friendly facilities, accommodation, activities, and restaurants. But don’t assume this award is given out lightly. Mójacar, a recent recipient of the award, worked a staggering 14 years to earn the seal of approval, passing anti-street drinking laws in the process. In short, choose a location with this award and you can relax knowing a good deal of thought has gone into ensuring the location is perfect for the whole family. The only question that remains is, which of these certified destinations do you choose? To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of 3 fabulous destinations which have earnt the prestigious award…

1) Vigo

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Set in the heart of in heart of Rías Baixas on the charming Galician coast, Vigo was the first area to receive the reward, and for good reason! The combination of gorgeous beaches, spectacular mountains, delicious food and fascinating culture will make you wonder why you didn’t come sooner.  

Playa Samil beach has been designed around the family experience, and as such, has a kids zone, a first aid centre, slides, swimming pools, and showers! Just a short boat ride away is the breathtaking Island of Cies, nicknamed ‘island of the gods’ for its beauty. The stunning beach Playa de Rodas is, according to The Guardian, the best beach in the world! The rest of the islands are a playground for all kinds of family fun, such as hiking and diving, or just admiring the beauty of the ocean from the lighthouse.

The city itself is home to some of the most fascinating culture treasures in Europe. Make sure you visit the Roman ruins in ‘El Castro’; an 1800msite dating back to the 200AD. Other highlights include the Villa de Romana de Toralla (a reconstructed Roman Villa that now houses a museum), the neoclassical Cathedral, the medieval monastery, and the Palace of San Roque. Head outside the city inland and you will stumble across the enchanting forests, perfect for bike rides and picnics!

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2) Noja

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Noja has got the nod from the FEFN for its excellent tourism facilities and wonderful cultural heritage. This gem on the northern coast is largely protected by the environmental agency, which means it's perfect for the great outdoors! Head outside of town and you will find a wondrous world of unspoilt vegetation, ideal for the kids to run around and reconnect with nature.

The most famous beaches are Ris and Tregandin; broad, sandy havens where the kids can run riot while the adults relax. Ris is a 'Blue Flag' beach, which means it has been officially certified as ideal for kids!

Local surf schools on the coast will keep the kids (and adults!) busy, while the immaculate golf course is perfect to pass the long, warms afternoons. The town itself is an epicentre of cultural intrigue and is littered with palaces, villas, churches and monasteries, each a clue to the regions rich history.

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3) Alcossobre

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This Valencian outpost boasts more than 10 kilometres of coastline. From small, peaceful coves to expansive beaches equipped with all the family-friendly amenities; Alcossebre is guaranteed to have something for all beach enthusiasts!

It’s absolutely perfect for mountaineering families. Innumerable trails line the Sierra de Irta, while the Columbretes Islands nature reserves have an other-worldly ecosystem of dunes and vegetation which are great for exploring.

The town itself is full of historical gems and hosts a dizzying array of cultural events. Every year the town hosts traditional family-friendly events, including the Jornadas de Templarais, the Sendero Azul de Alcossebre, the festival of ‘Babakus’, and many more!

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