25 Reasons Why You Must Visit Goa Now

You may not have thought it, but Goa in India is a coastal region bursting with activity and adventure - from beach yoga to flea markets. It's the ultimate destination for those who want a relaxing beach holiday with a bit of exploration and adrenalin thrown in the mix. And the street food is to die for!




1. It’s a foodie’s paradise. Just look at this scrumptious seafood... and the street food is always really cheap!

Goa food

Picture: indiacityblog.com





2. Forget your stereotypical view of India – ditch the images of crowded cityscapes and instead picture coconut groves, bird calls and the whisper of the sea on the sand.

Goa beach

Picture: worldoftravel.com




3. Baga in North Goa is a party heaven for twenty-somethings, with clubs open until 4am, which is pretty rare in India. Try Tito’s Café Mambo...

Cafe Mambo Goa

Backwater kayaking, or cruise for the less adventurous.





4. You can spend a day with the elephants.

Elephants Goa

Picture: indiamike.com





5. You can stay in a beach hut like this…

Beach hut Goa

Picture: beachhutbookings.com





6. Or you can rent a heritage villa like this…

Goa was once ruled by the Portuguese, so it still is a hub of Portuguese culture with lots of the associated architecture.

See the full property page here.

Goa heritage villa - Clickstay

Picture: Clickstay





7. The Anjuna Flea Market – a hippie’s paradise. Get yourself some of those must-have baggy pants and bandanas.

Flea market Goa

Picture: dazlinggoa.wordpress.com





8. Goan architecture is bright and beautiful…

Goa architecture

Picture: trekearth.com, dsource.in & Wikipedia





9. You can enjoy a candle-lit dinner on the beach.


Picture: thrilliophilia.com





10. You can trek to the Dudhsagar Falls.

Dudhsagar Falls Goa

Picture: Wikipedia





11. Try some Feni – a traditional Goan liquor made from fermented cashews and coconuts – and see how it’s made.

Feni Goa

Picture: Wikipedia, goabest.com & goastreets.com





12. Goa Carnival – the best excuse to visit in February. Celebrated for 4 solid days.

Goa Carnival

Picture: alwaysinfo.co.uk





13. You can dance all night at Sunburn Festival.

Goa Sunburn Festival

Picture: Wikipedia





14. It’s easy to rent a bike and go exploring.


Picture: thrillophilia.com





15. Or an open-air Jeep...

Jeep Goa

Picture: thillophilia.com





16. You can see the sun set at Chapora Fort.

Chapora Fort Goa

Picture: Telegraph & Flickr





17. There’s some pretty good surf to be had.

Try Banana Surf School near Arambol beach town...

Surfing in Goa

Picture: goasurf.com





18. You can take a boat ride to Butterfly Beach – one of the most secluded beaches.

Butterfly Beach Goa

Picture: panoramio.com





19. Yoga on the beach.

Try Oceanic Yoga School in Anjuna.

Yoga in GoaPicture: traveltherapytours.com & Guardian





20. You can watch a fire show on the beach – performed by experienced fire artists.

Fireshow Goa

Picture: thrillophilia.com





21. It’s a great place for scuba diving.


Picture: mumbaitravellers.in





22. … And quad biking.

Quad Biking Goa

Picture: thrillophilia.com





23. You can take a tour of the spice plantations.

Spice Plantation Goa

Picture: Wikipedia





24. You can go crocodile-watching on a backwater cruise along the Cambarjua Canal.

Crocodile Goa

Picture: tourmyindia.com





25. You can get your spiritual fix at Shanta Durga Temple.


Picture: Wikipedia




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