16 Reasons Why You Must Escape London This Summer

Last year, London became the most popular destination for tourists in the world. And the UK being the country of perpetual dampness, summertime is when the bulk of tourists arrive – maybe at the hope that it won’t chuck it down for the whole holiday...

Which leads us nicely to the first reason why you must escape London this summer.


1. Why be pestered by tourists when you could be a tourist yourself?

...and you WILL get asked to take their photos.

tourist collage

Picture: Telegraph & The Times



2. The underground is unbearably hot and overcrowded.

India Hindu Festival

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3. Everywhere is crowded. Especially parks. Picnicking is practically impossible.


Picture: Flickr



4. All beer gardens are full, everywhere and at any time.

... and those summer pints would cost a lot less outside of the capital.


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5. Avoid Southbank at all costs - unless you actually enjoy walking at a snail's pace.




6. There’s no beach.

no beach



7. Unless it’s alongside the Thames – and don’t even contemplate swimming amongst its toxic debris.


Picture: Youtube



8. The lidos are full of screaming kids.

... cute? THINK AGAIN.




9. Will the sun be able to squeeze through that thick smog anyway?

Winter Weather - 16/01/2013

Picture: HuffingtonPost


10. Cyclists. They think they own the place... and there's only going to be more of them as the weather gets better.

Cyclists of all ages ride past the Houses of Parliament during the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle ride in central London

Picture: Metro


11. There's no air-conditioning, anywhere.

Video: giphy.com



12. You can never book a tennis court.

Britain Wimbledon Tennis

Picture: Metro



13. Pigeons – a problem all year round, but we've throw it in the mix anyway.


Picture: memecenter.com



14. Fancy doing some of those fun touristy things yourself? Join the queue then…


Picture: loldamn.com



15. Get yourself a paying lodger whilst you’re away, and your holiday will pay for itself!

...holidaying could actually work out more financially sound, than staying at home in London.


Picture: frabz.com



16. Besides, you need to get out of the London bubble – do you even know what’s outside the M25?


Picture: lizroseblogs.tumblr.com



If this article has inspired you to get out of the big smoke this summer then join the mass exodus and book yourself a ticket to sun, sea, and well, less people and pollution...