Reasons to Visit Malta

Valletta, an architecturally beautiful and historically rich city in Malta, was chosen by the Lonely Planet as the place to visit but we think anywhere in Malta is bucket-list worthy, with its prehistoric temples, hidden coves, and crystal-clear seas. We've chosen our 13 reasons to visit Malta. Stop dreaming, start planning...


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1. It’s been voted one of Europe’s top diving destinations

There’s an abundance of reefs, caves and wrecks to explore, including WWII ships, and many fish and octopus to see. The calmness of the Mediterranean Sea means that the visibility is excellent, and the water is warm enough for you to dive up until December.

Malta scuba diving destination


2. There are some amazing rock features to feast your eyes on

Like the Azure window…   

Azure window malta


3. So it’s perfect for rock climbers who like a good sea-cliff route

sea cliff climbing Malta


4. The rustic architecture

You can stay in a traditional farmhouse, like this one...

traditional villa for rent in Gozo, Malta


5. Including these amazing Catholic churches with their Baroque facades and double towers, which are literally all over the islands

St George’s Basilica in Gozo is a must-see.

Gozo Basilica Malta


6. Gozo’s rugged coastline has attracted Hollywood’s film directors for decades. Because it’s so goddamn beautiful!

Troy, Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Captain Phillips and the TV adaptation of Brideshead Revisited.

Gozo coast Malta sea ocean


7. You can try the delicious Pastizzi – one of Malta’s unique foods – it’s a filo pastry baked with ricotta cheese

Or Zalzett (a coriander flavoured Maltese sausage)

Pastizzi Malta


8. Valletta was voted no.5 in the Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2015’ awards

Valetta City in Malta


9. There are some seriously cool fossils to discover

Fossils Gozo Malta


10. The colourfully decorated boats will make the perfect backdrop to your holiday photos

colourful boats in Malta harbour


11. And Gozo’s beaches are peaceful and not too busy

Gozo beaches


12. Maltese sunsets are on another level

Sunsets Gozo Malta


13. There are cheap flights from the UK to Malta

cheap flights to malta


If the glittering seas and technicolour sunsets of magical Malta have won you over, then why not see our villas and apartments in Gozo - our favourite Maltese island!


villas and apartments in Malta