Orlando is a much-loved holiday destination, famous for its many attractions and theme parks. It's known as the home of magic, adventure and imagination, as well as a place to enjoy the tropical climate and relaxed lifestyle. A trip to Orlando is the perfect way to relish in a plethora of fun-filled activities on offer and here are 10 amazing facts you may not already know ...

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1. 'The City Beautiful'

The official nickname of the city of Orlando is 'The City Beautiful' ” although it is also known as “O-Town.”

Welcome to Orlando


2. There are so many attractions in Orlando that it would take the average person 67 full days to experience every one.

Kennedy Space Centre Orlando


3. Walt Disney World covers an enormous 40 square miles.

It's big enough that it could encompass the whole of Manhattan. TWICE!




4. Only Las Vegas beats Orlando for the highest number of hotel rooms in one city.

Orlando Hotel


5. Before it became known for Disney World, Orlando’s land was utilized for cattle ranching.

Florida Orlando Cattle


6. Orlando is the home of Tupperware. 

Orlando Tupperware


7. The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC are from Orlando.

Backstreet Boys Orlando


8. The oldest and biggest bald cypress tree in the world grows in Central Florida!

"The Senator" is more than 138 ft tall. 

Bald Cypress Tree Orlando


9. If you ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different Orlando restaurant every day, it would still take you five years to eat at all 5,300 of them. 

Florida Restaurant


10. Orlando is home to more than 100 lakes.


Florida Lakes

11. There are over 50 swans at Lake Eola, from five different breeds

There are over 50 swans at Lake Eola, from five different breeds – whooper, royal mute, trumpeter, Australian black and black neck.

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We couldn't quite believe that Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan either! If this hasn't inspired you to visit Orlando, why not check out our blog post 10 Photos To Inspire A Holiday To Florida

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