10 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Go On Holiday This Summer!

As usual, this month is all about travel, and it would seem everyone is making the most of January's fantastic travel offers, planning their perfect summer holiday. But not so fast! We at Clickstay can think of at least ten reasons why you definitely SHOULDN'T go on holiday this summer...

1. You can't beat the English weather...

english weather summer holiday



2. Old ruins are actually really boring!

Incredible ancient ruins summer



3. The food is just so... different.

Moroccon traditional dishes



4. We Brits don't do great in the sun...

Famous sunburn from Lilo and Stitch, Disney.



5. The turquoise waters abroad aren't all that...

Water in Meditteranean sea Greece



6. We'd much rather board a London train than an aeroplane...right?

busy london overground



7. We've already had front row seats to Thailand's Li Yeung Festival from Disney's 'Tangled'...

Yi Peng Festival in Thailand



8. We spend enough quality family time at home...

Anti-social generation



9. Holiday brochure photos never live up to the real thing...

Famous tour of halong bay thailand



10. We'd definitely miss our home comforts!

Relaxing in a hammock next to the beach


Maybe it is time to reconsider...

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