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Summer is nearly over! But it's still sunny in the Mediterranean and there's always an excuse for a last minute holiday, right?! We've put together a list of some of our favourite seaside holiday destinations in Europe to give you some last-minute wanderlust to go and catch the last of the summer sun! 


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1. Amalfi Coast

See our villas in Amalfi Coast

villas in cinque terre


2. Corsica

See our villas in Corsica

villas in Corsica


3. Sardinia

See our villas in Sardinia

villas in sardinia


4. Santorini

See our villas in Santorini

villas in santorini

5. Sicily

See our villas in Sicily 

villas in sicily


6. Crete

See our villas in Crete

villas in crete


7. Paxos

See our villas and apartments in Paxos

villas in paxos


8. Malta

See our villas in Malta

villas in malta


9. Kefalonia

See our villas in Kefalonia

villas in kefalonia


10. Majorca

See our villas in Majorca

villas in Majorca


Can you be tempted by any of these glorious destinations? Don't miss out on the last of the summer sun!


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